Order of the Red Banner

The Order of the Red Banner was the first Soviet military decoration, was awarded for extraordinary heroism, dedication, and courage demonstrated on the battlefield.

Dimensions Height: 40 mm. width: 36,3 mm.
Materials gilded silver, weight - 25,13 g.
Artist Denisov V.

Prices for Order of the Red Banner

To date, prices for the Order of the Red Banner start from:
1933-41 Type 1 «Mirror reverse» ≈20000 pcs. - 2000 $
1941-43 Type 2 «Smooth reverse» ≈60000 pcs. - 750 $
Type 3 «Dovetail» remaking for a ribbon bar ≈3500 pcs. - 350 $
1943-50 Type 4 «Round» ribbon bar ≈262500 pcs. - 120 $
1951-91 Type 5 «Elliptical» ribbon bar ≈244000 pcs. - 120 $

Order of the Red Banner in the award system of the USSR

History Order of the Red Banner

The Russian Order of the Red Banner was established during the Russian Civil War by decree of the All-Russian Central Executive Committee of September 16, 1918. The first recipient was Vasily Blyukher on September 28, 1918; the second recipient was Iona Yakir.

From 1918 till the late 1930s there was also a Soviet collective variant - the Revolutionary Red Banner of Honor. This was in the form of a special military color awarded to distinguished Red Army, Soviet Air Force, and Soviet Navy units. As well as premium weapons with the order of the red banner, gun and saber, for rewarding a particularly high-ranking military commanders.

The Order was awarded to individuals as well as to military units, cities, ships, political and social organizations, and state enterprises. In later years, it was also awarded on the twentieth and again on the thirtieth anniversary of military, police, or state security service without requiring participation in combat (the "Long Service Award" variant).

During the Civil War, there existed similarly named orders and decorations established by the Soviet communist governments of several other constituent and nonconstituent republics. The August 1, 1924, decree of the All-Russian Central Executive Committee established the all-Soviet Order of the Red Banner for deserving personnel of the Red Army.

The Order consisted of a white-enameled badge, which had a golden Hammer and Sickle badge surrounded by two golden panicles of wheat on a Red Star, backed by crossed hammer, plough, torch, and a red flag bearing the motto Proletarians (Workers) of the World, Unite!. The whole was surrounded by two golden panicles of wheat; at the bottom were the letters "СССР" (USSR). Additional awards of the Order bore a white enameled shield with a silver sequence number at the bottom of the obverse. A recipient of multiple Orders of the Red Banner would wear a basic badge of the Order followed by the second award bearing a number "2," the third award bearing a number "3," etc.

The early variants of the Order were screw back badges to allow wear on clothing. Later variants (from 1943) hung from a standard Soviet pentagonal mount with a ring through the suspension loop. The mount was covered with an overlapping 24mm wide red silk moiré ribbon with 1.5mm wide white edge stripes and a 7mm wide white central stripe.

The Order of the Red Banner was worn on the left side of the chest and when in the presence of other Orders and medals of the USSR, was placed immediately after the Order of the October Revolution.

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